Mead brewing quick reference guide for beginners

A handy quick-reference guide to mead brewing with shopping list.  Included are helpful links to make your mead brewing experience a successful one. 

This shopping list will save time and get you up and running quickly.

Item Order Qty Description
One Step 1 1 lb no rinse cleaner
6.5 gallon fermentation bucket w/lid 1 Lid Pre-drilled / grommeted for air-lock
Pure ‘N Simple Honey 2 pack, 5 lbs 2 10 lbs honey (need between 12-17 lbs for 5 gal)
Campden Tablets 1 100ct potassium metabisulfite
Go-Ferm / Fermaid K Bundle 1 100g Go-Ferm 80g Fermaid K
Lalvin 72B-1122 Brewer’s Yeast 1 Brewers yeast with a 14% Alcohol tolerence.
Yeast Nutrients 1 Diammonium phosphate / Urea yeast supplement
DeGasser Whip 1 Mead aeration tool & C02 removal.
Hydromter 1 Test the ABV, Brix & Gravity of your Mead
Wine Thief 1 Take samples to measure sugar content of your mead
5 Gallon glass carboy 1 glass carboy used for secondary fermentation
Auto-Siphon 1 6.5′ of 5/16″ tubing & bucket Clamp
Twin bubble airlock w #7 stopper 1 Airlock and standard #7 stopper for 5 gallon carboy

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I recommend sterilizing with One Step no rinse cleaner. 1 Tbsp to a gallon of filtered tap water. Place everything you need to sterilize into your fermentation bucket. Stir spoons, measuring cups, airlocks, winethief, transfer siphon, hygrometer, even lid opening tools.  If you have fragile glass tools consider rolling the bucket to distribute the cleaner evenly top to bottom. Allow the cleanser to remain in contact with the items you’re cleaning for at least a minute. before pouring it out.

Brewing Guide

Making Mead the Easy Way by Steve Piatz – All of the ingredient quantity questions you might have about the mead making process can be answered using the MeadMakr BatchBuildr link below

The MeadMakr BatchBuildr – A great tool that shows you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need to make the mead as sweet or dry as you like.

Fishbowl Punch

Fishbowl Punch

  • 10 ounces vodka
  • 10 ounces coconut rum
  • 6 ounces Blue Curacao liqueur
  • 12 ounces sweet-and-sour mix
  • 20 ounces pineapple juice
  • 32 ounces lemon- lime soda
  • blue food coloring, if desired