403 forbidden VLC 2.0.3 raspbian

I’m enabling the VLC web interface on a Raspberry Pi 2 to interface with my Smartthings home automation system.  The project is called VLC Thing and it turns a Raspberry Pi 2 running VLC into an event sound renderer.  Once you get VLC installed on your Raspberry Pi 2 using:

Sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc

You enable the web interface by following instructions here.  At this point however VLC only allows localhost to connect (for security reasons).  To enable access to the VLC web interface from other computers, smart phones etc on your local lan, you have to edit the .hosts file that was installed with VLC.  Open a terminal instance in Raspbian and enter:

gksu leafpad /etc/vlc/lua/http/.hosts

You should see something similar to:

# Access-list for VLC HTTP interface
# $Id$

# localhost

# link-local addresses

# private addresses

# The world (uncommenting these 2 lines is not quite safe)

In most cases removing the “#” before the entry will enable access on your local LAN.

Repair sticking trigger buttons l2 r2 on PS4 controller

5 Pairs L2 R2 ps4 Trigger Replacement Parts
5 Pairs L2 R2 Trigger Springs Replacement Parts Buttons For PlayStation 4 PS4 Controller EveryOne-Buy

I noticed my PS4 controller’s L2 trigger was sticking.  After opening up the controller it was obvious the hinge pin that holds my L2 trigger had broken.  This in turn was causing my L2 trigger to stick.  I’m not rough with my PS4 controllers so it’s looking like someone F’d up at Sony. Yeaah! 🙁

Simply unscrew the controller and pull the back off. Watch YouTube tutorials if you’re unsure. The back is a little hard to get off but as long as you carefully and gradually pull, it will come apart. These replacement triggers fit exactly like the originals, and work perfectly.

From Amazon:

  • 5 Pairs L2 R2 Trigger Gamepad Button for PS4 controller
  • 5 Pairs L2 R2 Trigger Spring for PS4 controller
  • Professional-style textured surface,
  • Simple application takes only seconds
  • Compatible with: Sony Play Station 4 Controller;No retail package

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Best wifi router for the money

TP-LINK TL-WR841N Wireless N300 Home Router, 300Mpbs, IP QoS, WPS Button is currently the wifi web darling on Amazon and a favorite at home.  Best of all it’s only $20! TP-LINK TL-WR841N reviews.

Loading DD-WRT on V9 of the TP-LINK TL-WR841N is somewhat new.

Here are instructions from JSR’s review on Amazon regarding installing DD-WRT on the TP-LINK TL-WR841N
1. Get factory-to-dd-wrt for version 9
2. Connect to the TP-LINK in your browser
3. login admin/admin navigate to > advanced > firmware
4. Upload firmware and wait for the web page to timeout
5. Connect to the TP-LINK in your browser @ //
6. Sit back in awe of your awesomeness.

Converting an old Turtle Beach Ear Force® Stereo Headset to be PS4 compatible.

This guide will help you connect a Turtle Beach Ear Force® stereo headset (compatible: PX3, X12, X11, XL1, X32, X31, XP300old)  to your Sony PlayStation® 4 controller.

I  had an old Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 wireless headset (from my Xbox 360 days) collecting dust.  So I began looking for a way to convert the Ear Force X31 headset to be compatible with the PS4 controller.  (more…)