Juno charges you for technical support? WTF?!?

My friend Bert is a very simple PC user as far as that goes.  Email, pictures, and taxes.  He’s still uses dial-up internet.  When Bert begins to receive the error message “Juno is verifying your email folders” he calls me.  Turns out Bert has had a run in with a rootkit thanks to not being protected by AVG free.    I pull Bert’s drive, run an offline file system scan with Microsoft’s free antivirus, anti-malware program Security Essentials  and it removes the culprit.  Like cancer though, when you eliminate the bad you’re often left with a mess in its wake.

I return Bert’s PC to him free of  popups & browsing fine via Ethernet, but have no way of testing his Juno dial up.  Then I get the call I was hoping to avoid.  Bert’s PC is still throwin’ down the error about Juno verifying email folders.  Sigh.  So I tell Bert to contact Juno on their customer support line as they would be the experts on their software.  Bert’s like, “I tried that but they want to charge me for it.”  I’m thinking right away there must be some misunderstanding.  Bert pays for the service each month.  They’ve got to provide connectivity support right?  So I call Juno @ 888-839-5866.  Not surprisingly it’s easier to google Juno’s customer service number on someone else’s site.  Sigh.  I’m in and begin navigating my way to what I’m sure will be a free and hopefully cheerful/knowledgeable customer support rep.  FAIL! I’m greeted by a voice menu telling me how mutha’ scratchin’ wrong I am.. and all for two dollars a minute.  10 cents, 25 cents maybe.. but seriously two dollars a minute?!  My father tells me customer service went out the window when gas stations stopped pumping your gas for you.  I bet my Juno revelation wouldn’t surprise him a bit.

I’ll get Bert squared away. Juno’s free online web customer support… you know the one Bert can’t access himself because he can’t get online… has a simple 32 step help article that basically has you backup, delete, and restore your profile. why? Because these Juno cork soakers don’t provide online storage.

Time to talk to Bert about Gmail.