Westfail 9100EM

I get the gremlins bad.. by bad I’m talkin’… every single ethernet interface in my house gets fried simultaneously. Routers, switches, all the supporting hardware.. even my poor Xbox 360 wasn’t spared.    When the ISP tech splits, he leaves me a Westel 9100EM (Westel A90-9100EM15-10) router to replace my fried one.  Connectivity is simple with the exception of port forwards they’re convaluted but managable.  I go about my biddness.

A week goes by and I begin to notice when I’m inside on the home LAN connectivity to my (local lan) web server is spotty with the server returning “page cannot be found” 3 outta 5 times I try to connect.  Outside the LAN on the interweb I can connect to the same server just fine.   That’s when it dawns on me… it’s the f’n router.  (It doesn’t like these cans?!)