Mix2Stix random file copy utility

I used to be in love with the idea of having my entire mp3 collection on hand when I drove.   Lately though I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to carry both a phone and an MP3 player.  Especially since my phone will transmit music to the  sound system in my car via Bluetooth.  How to remedy this?  Mix2Stix.

My criteria were:

  • randomization – I wanted the utility to pick new music from the master pile each time I ran it so i’d get beats with fresh deets.
  • multiple sources – It needed to be able to pull from one very large music pile or possibly from several seperate subdirectorys of said pile.
  • size – I wanted to be able to enter the preferred total size of the files being copied.  This in case I didn’t want to fill the drive completely.
  • erase – I wanted it to erase the destination folder for simplicity.

Added Benefits:

  • You can random copy any type of file you like using the file filter option.  So loading thumb drives with random pictures for things like digital picture frames is very easy.

Author’s Website: //software.azett.com/index.php?cat=Mix2Stix&i18n=en