This guide will help you connect a Turtle Beach Ear Force® stereo headset (compatible: PX3, X12, X11, XL1, X32, X31, XP300old)  to your Sony PlayStation® 4 controller.

I  had an old Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 wireless headset (from my Xbox 360 days) collecting dust.  So I began looking for a way to convert the Ear Force X31 headset to be compatible with the PS4 controller.  There are two issues to overcome:


  1. Playstation 4 does not have a stereo RCA out.
  2. Second, the Ear Force X31’s stock cable is not compatible with the PS4 controller.

Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter (you will need a Toslink cable to connect PS4 to converter – see below.)
Turtle Beach Ear Force Chat Cable – PlayStation 4 (This Talkback cable is nicer than the stock cable. No mute however.)
BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable (3 feet)

Total Cost: $30 (to salvage a $100 headset) 🙂

How it works:

Viola! You’re rockin’ a pair of X31’s on the Playstation 4.

While I’ve only tested this solution on my X31 headset this should work (at least for Stereo headsets) for the following models per the listing on Amazon:

  • Ear Force® Stereo Headset Compatibility: PX3, X12, X11, XL1, X32, X31, XP300. Requires RCA OUT (stereo) jacks on television or audio receiver for PS4 game audio.