I was attempting to use Carlo Ayars convert scripts to remux .mkv files to .mp4 on a 32-bit winXP box.

Orignal article: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/217697/ffmpeg-script

FFMPEG kept throwing “not a valid Win32 application” errors. That’s when I realized the included copy of FFMPEG was 64-bit.  So I went out and downloaded the latest 32-bit FFMPEG and it threw “The procedure entry point” errors.

I ultimately found an article which explained the last working version of FFMPEG on Windows XP is ffmpeg-20160227-git-5156578. I replaced FFMPEG with ffmpeg-20160227-git-5156578 and it works great.

So to get ayars remux script to work in a WinXP 32-bit environment you’ll need the following:

  • Python 2.7.x 32-bit [download]
  • cayars convert scripts [download] [username and password are both guest]
  • FFMPEG 20160227-git-5156578 [download]
  • Subliminal (python library) [download] (*not required – only for downloading subtitles)

To install Subliminal, download it from github and extract the contents of the zip file to a temp directory.  Open a command window in the Subliminal temp folder and issue the following command to have python install the library:

C:\Python27\python.exe setup.py install
(You may or may not need to change the Python path.)

Note: Remember to update the download-subs setting in “autoProcess.ini” file to “true” in the convert script directory

Thanks Carlo! Great batch conversion utility 🙂