One regular issue with offline anti-virus file system scans or disk imaging is all the unwated windows temporary files.   Stashed in places like “tmp”, & “Content.IE5” these temp files are laborius to locate and delete.  ADD software’s “Temp File Cleaner” to the rescue. (Link)


Here’s a list of what TFC can do from the author’s site:

  • Scans all accessible user accounts
  • Deletes temporary internet files
  • Deletes cookies
  • Deletes browser history
  • Deletes recent files
  • Deletes windows temp folders
  • Deletes windows prefetch
  • Deletes windows update uninstall files
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Individual selection of scan areas
  • Process is not stopped by locked files
  • Counters total up # of files deleted and space freed
  • Full list of deleted files
  • Full set of command line options
  • Detailed help file

Below are the Temporary File Cleaner’s results on a system here at work that has had at least 10 users affiliated with it.  10 users = 10 temporary file caches.

Temp File Cleaner process completed: Mon May 09 14:08:47 CDT 2011
-Freed 7.853 GB in 90911 files.
-Drive D: now has 11.48 GB free.
-Processing time: 752.735 seconds

That’s 90,000+ fewer files to have to virus scan and 11.48 GB that wont need to be imaged.  Best of all it completed this task on an offline file system (drive) mounted in a USB docking station.